Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tapestry of Faith

TULSA, OKLAHOMA - Vera Bradley retailer Tapestry of Faith decided to embrace the Vera Bradley Foundation's cause as their own this year. With sweeping vistas on one of the nation's most magnificent golf courses, this luncheon was an unparalleled success. Numerous breast cancer survivors were able to attend at no cost, sponsored by local oncologists. This marks what promises to be an annual event at this beautiful country club. Dr. Linda Malkas, Vera Bradley Chair in Oncology at Indiana University, was the keynote speaker. She had the undivided attention of each attendee as she described the amazing progress of her team and was able to display detailed slides of cancer detection in its early stages. At the conclusion of this luncheon, the organizers already had secured a major sponsor for next year!

Merion Golf Club

Joanie Hall, granddaughter of Vera Bradley, hosted this spectacular event at the historic Merion Golf Club in Haverford. The mother/daughter luncheon’s featured speaker was Barbara Baekgaard, co-founder of Vera Bradley (and Joanie’s mom!). This gracious afternoon was a wonderful awareness-raising event that proved to be a fundraising phenomenon. Women of all ages were in attendance, and several ladies were survivors as well. It was a refreshing and hopeful to have so many very young ladies on this day They are our future, and with Joanie’s annual event, we are fighting to make sure they have a future without breast cancer.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Naval Medical Corps

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - An increased number of women are entering the military, and there is a growing need for military doctors to be able to diagnose, treat and comfort personnel (and their families) who have breast cancer. Because of these needs, Heidi was asked to address the men and women of the Naval Medical Corps in San Diego, California. This was a rare opportunity for the military staff to ask candid questions to a survivor from a patient’s perspective. By the end of the presentation, they were aware of clinical, emotional and physical needs of breast cancer patients and their families. Both the attendance and the awareness raised were so impressive, Heidi was asked to return in 6-9 months to speak again to the next group of medical personnel.