Saturday, May 30, 2009


APOPKA, FLORIDA - The first known harp dates back to 2500 B.C. in Egypt. By the 17th century, they began to resemble the type of harp that we see in images today. What on earth does this have to do with breast cancer research? Because this is the first time I have seen one this close in person, and it is way cool! I was actually told some time ago that music form the harp is used in some cancer centers as a form of auditory relaxation technique, and now I know why. Greg’s Hallmark had a breast cancer party and a local harpist donated her time to provide gentle music – a first for the Foundation on the Road! I think I am going to get a CD and use it for bedtime music (for me and for the kids). I love that Greg and his remarkable team took the time to hold this event; and that they learned that so many of their customers were survivors! What a wonderful day, what a great party. I can’t wait to see them all again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pink Chalet

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - I have known Debbie for years, and when I heard she had opened her own store and that it was perfect, I wasn’t surprised. What did surprise me is that she was willing to hold a party to raise funds for breast cancer research when she was just weeks away from having her first baby! And, God bless her. It was also the very first event held in the new store. The crowd was fun, the treats were great and it was a wonderful event – in spite of those afternoon Orlando showers. Thank you, Debbie, and the whole team. It was great to meet such interesting and diverse people that all share the same goals in eradicating breast cancer. If you find yourself in Orlando, gentle readers, get yourself to the Pink Chalet!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Upcoming Events

Look out for us as we make our way to your neighborhood. Please join us if you can!

Check back here and on our Facebook Page for up-to-date details.

5/26 Pink Chalet, Orlando, FL
5/27 Greg's Hallmark, Orlando, FL
5/28 Irene & Co., Pier Park, FL
5/29- Vera Bradley Classic, Fort Wayne, IN


6/01 Vera Bradley Classic, Fort Wayne, IN
6/20 Skate for Hope, Columbus, OH

7/08 Basin Harbor, Vergennes, VT
For information call Jen at (802) 475-7830
7/09 General Trading Co., Plattsburgh, NY, 2pm - 6pm
For information call Susan at (518)566-7618

9/11 Paisley on Main, Glen Ellyn, IL

10/02 Tickled Pink, Fort Wayne, IN
10/06 Alspaugh's Sterling Events, Kingwood, TX
10/08 Frill Seekers, Miramar Beach, FL, and Irene & Co., Panama City Beach, FL
10/10 The Green Boutique, Valrico, Fl
10/17 Paper Scene Walk, Seekonk, MA
10/31 Park Home Medical, Goshen, IN

11/14 Symmetry Medical/Wildman Group, Warsaw, IN

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Hail the Chiefs

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - So when I arrived at the ballpark in Syracuse, I was told that the only way to tell it was springtime in this part of New York was to notice that people weren’t wearing gloves and scarves. But take a look at these boys – they went out there and played their hearts out in spite of the cold! My friend Wendy is the one who coordinated the whole event. There was an auction on the concourse and then a dinner with players afterwards. The response was fantastic, and I am really looking forward to coming back and seeing them again. The Syracuse Chiefs have pledged to make the Vera Bradley Foundation a part of several more upcoming events and I can’t wait. I love that Wendy and her team has embraced the cause this way, I feel the same way about them. Go Chiefs!

Urban Ava

TIPP CITY, OHIO - This beautiful sassy little thing is my friend, Ava. Urban Ava, to be specific. Her mama opened this darling little shop downtown and named it after her – who can blame her, she’s totally irresistible. I had the honor of meeting Ava’s mama, Kelley, a few years ago at a Vera Bradley event and we were immediately friends. She is such a compassionate and kind lady, and has really embraced this cause as her own. It’s hard for me to listen to her as she talks about it; she’s so moving it makes me cry. In her restaurant today, I had the honor of meeting many wonderful breast cancer warriors (including one wonderful gentleman, he’ll get his own post later) AND got to have a fun snack with my sweet Ava as well. Thank you, Kelley, for caring so much about those of us fighting this battle. I highly recommend you all visit Urban Ava’s store the next time you find yourself in Tipp City!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS - That’s where I was born, where I technically first met my momma. I got to know her every day thereafter, in little lifetime increments that are now dusty fragments in my memories. I remember when I was very sick once as a child and she sat with me for hours and stroked my hair and sang very softly to me. I remember her voice as she would gently reprimand us; in German, so the guests wouldn’t know that we had done something wrong. I remember how she would never – NEVER – say a harsh word about anyone and would make sure that no one was hungry or wanting in her presence. We never had much, but we were taught to share it all. Her heart was meant to help others, as that is what the Lord told her to do. And so she did, until the day she died. She was taken from us so very early; 42 years on this earth is not nearly enough time. I miss you, momma, every single day. Not just the big holidays where most people think you grieve the most, but on days like Tuesdays. As I put the kids in the bath and wish you were here to see their sweet faces and their eyes that look so much like yours. To all of you girls out there, those who might be mommas someday and to those who might not; take care of yourselves. Enjoy each moment, savor every experience and be sure to tell the ones you love exactly how much you love them every single day. If you feel so inclined this most special of holidays, please make a small donation to help fight the disease that has taken so many mommas.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Clocks and Jelly

WOOSTER, OHIO - So I pulled into Wooster late in the evening. Ok, it wasn’t even Wooster, it was Smithville, a suburb of Wooster. Or is it the other way around, I don’t know. Anyway, it was dark so I couldn’t see anything and therefore had no expectations of what might be out there. For this event, I was blessed enough to have my entire family join me – a truly rare thing, indeed. We all woke up to find that we were in this beautiful bucolic setting with rolling hills, cows and horses. We drove over to Buchanan Place, a Vera Bradley retail shop for the event. It is worth the drive, my friends, to visit this special place, I strongly recommend you see it if you can. It was held in the Barn next door (yes, barn) and what a fun morning! They had a silent auction that featured clocks (thank you, Wooster Clock) and a GIANT jelly basket (thank you, Smuckers) and many other items all donated for this good cause. My favorite part was that there were so many little children there; babies to teens. It’s really all about them, don’t you think? We want to rid the world of this disease before they face it themselves. A big thank you to Debra and Laurie for working so hard on this great party. Saving lives is fun stuff, isn’t it, ladies? :)