Monday, May 4, 2009

Clocks and Jelly

WOOSTER, OHIO - So I pulled into Wooster late in the evening. Ok, it wasn’t even Wooster, it was Smithville, a suburb of Wooster. Or is it the other way around, I don’t know. Anyway, it was dark so I couldn’t see anything and therefore had no expectations of what might be out there. For this event, I was blessed enough to have my entire family join me – a truly rare thing, indeed. We all woke up to find that we were in this beautiful bucolic setting with rolling hills, cows and horses. We drove over to Buchanan Place, a Vera Bradley retail shop for the event. It is worth the drive, my friends, to visit this special place, I strongly recommend you see it if you can. It was held in the Barn next door (yes, barn) and what a fun morning! They had a silent auction that featured clocks (thank you, Wooster Clock) and a GIANT jelly basket (thank you, Smuckers) and many other items all donated for this good cause. My favorite part was that there were so many little children there; babies to teens. It’s really all about them, don’t you think? We want to rid the world of this disease before they face it themselves. A big thank you to Debra and Laurie for working so hard on this great party. Saving lives is fun stuff, isn’t it, ladies? :)

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kstan14 said...

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