Friday, April 29, 2011


ENGLAND - Today was a brilliant and wonderful reminder of things like love and joy. And, a gentle display of how we should embrace our natural selves; I just watched a beautiful bride and her smiling groom. She's the first one I've seen in years who opted to forego the tanning beds before her big day. Healthy, stunning and natural. Thank you, Princess Kate, for showing little girls how they should appear - Just elegantly themselves.

(Photo: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


There are few things more motivating that a chemo patient showing you that SHE is exercising regularly, so we should be, too. And PLEASE! Who looks this cute without hair and in workout clothes? Goodness, she is an inspiration!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


GOSHEN, INDIANA - You know how little kids are, right? Just rambunctious bundles, always movin' and groovin' to their own beat. Today, I met 71 of them, each one doing a selfless act.

Parkside Elementary in this little town had a teacher who got sick, you see. She had breast cancer, and the kiddos wanted to help. So, they raised money, and did even more. They wrote cards, letters, jokes and drew pictures for the entire cancer center.

They walked over this morning, behaving like little angels and handed out these treasures to the patients. Let me tell you how far I made it out before tearing up - the front door. I have been a patient, and I know what it means to get special gifts like this during treatment.

So, here I sit in my car, crying and typing while sharing this story with you. The teacher is doing great, the school is supportive, the kids are darling and an entire cancer center gets a full day of something wholly unusual for them – bundles of hope, joy and laughter.

Thank you, children, for what you have done. I'm not a patient here, but your kindness will reach far beyond the people you see today in this hospital. Many hearts will be touched by this; but the most important hearts touched today are your own. xoxo

Monday, April 18, 2011


COLUMBIA CITY, INDIANA - So I pull up to the Wendy's drive through and order the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad and smile when I'm paying for my meal. The young lady at the window says "Would you like to donate to breast cancer research today? Please?"

Now, how sweet is that. She has no idea who I am or what I do, she just wants to do her part and is clearly happy to do it. What she doesn't know is that just a few days ago I was completely deflated at a Wendys because I WASN'T asked to donate.

No fault but my own; I was at a Wendy's in Colorado - they aren't part of the Northern Indiana Wendy's group who does this collection every year for us!

So, I smile a happy smile, make my donation and breathe a sigh of joy as I realize that for about another month or so, there is a big group of restaurants smiling back at me. And, raising money to find a cure. Thank you, my frosty friends!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


NATIONWIDE, UNITED STATES - It’s that time of year again – happens every spring. When we used to live in Chicago, my family and I would participate in a springtime cancer walk downtown. Without fail, we would carve out a day, put my mama's name on a little sign we put on our backs, and joined thousands of other people who were equally affected by cancer. Some years I would walk pregnant, some years I pushed a stroller, some years we were all old enough to just walk all by ourselves. It was always a bit tiring, a bit crazy and a huge amount of fun.

It’s a wonderful, bonding experience, these walks/runs that happen nationwide. Worldwide, actually, as I’ve been informed by my online friends overseas. People who have lost loved ones, who have tackled this disease ourselves, who are helping friends go through it. We put ourselves on a little path for one day that makes us feel that we are empowered and able to make a difference. And, we will keep doing so until a cure is found.

So, here’s to all my sisters, brothers, friends and children who are walking, rolling, running, biking and golfing to help all of us with the "survivor" label. Every event that donates to research helps the whole world, and every footstep matters.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


WISCONSIN - You read the news and you are mad, confused, scared and often discouraged. Is it just me, or do you agree? Someone sent me this article, and I just had to share; it’s so happy, so positive and wonderful. Yes, there is cancer involved, and a love separated by a soldier at war. Chemotherapy treatments while the loved ones were far, far away. But in the end, there is love, hope and joy. And a lovely pair of red shoes!!!

Send me your happy stories, won’t you? I’d love to start sharing good news with people; I think we could all use a lift!

Photo courtesy of Bliss Bridal Shoes.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - I hope you have a good day today, my friends. I hope it is filled with joy and light and laughter. Even if it isn’t, even if you encounter a struggle or challenge, please know that there are others who face things even worse.

Thinking of you, Nathan, Elisa and little Sadie. I hope you raise enough to relax and enjoy every second you get with one another. And I hope we raise enough money for research so that Sadie never has to hear "cancer" again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


WASHINGTON, DC - There is a big convention coming soon to DC, and the attendees (the ones I talk to, anyway) are fired up. They are bloggers, the vast majority are survivors and they are all on fire. They have put an aggressive deadline on cancer.

Yes, you read that right. They have given a final notice to an actual disease. Changing tactics on discussions with fundraisers, researchers and even the government about policy decisions. It’s an amazing, aggressive stance. And it’s fantastic.

Pushing for a deadline might seem ridiculous, but I would like to leave you with this thought: Back in 1943, a sense of urgency was put to committee in something called the Manhattan Project. It’s end mission was terrifying, shocking, unbelievable. But it worked. How much passion can we muster to find a way to save lives?