Thursday, April 21, 2011


GOSHEN, INDIANA - You know how little kids are, right? Just rambunctious bundles, always movin' and groovin' to their own beat. Today, I met 71 of them, each one doing a selfless act.

Parkside Elementary in this little town had a teacher who got sick, you see. She had breast cancer, and the kiddos wanted to help. So, they raised money, and did even more. They wrote cards, letters, jokes and drew pictures for the entire cancer center.

They walked over this morning, behaving like little angels and handed out these treasures to the patients. Let me tell you how far I made it out before tearing up - the front door. I have been a patient, and I know what it means to get special gifts like this during treatment.

So, here I sit in my car, crying and typing while sharing this story with you. The teacher is doing great, the school is supportive, the kids are darling and an entire cancer center gets a full day of something wholly unusual for them – bundles of hope, joy and laughter.

Thank you, children, for what you have done. I'm not a patient here, but your kindness will reach far beyond the people you see today in this hospital. Many hearts will be touched by this; but the most important hearts touched today are your own. xoxo

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