Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Day

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS - That’s where I was born, where I technically first met my momma. I got to know her every day thereafter, in little lifetime increments that are now dusty fragments in my memories. I remember when I was very sick once as a child and she sat with me for hours and stroked my hair and sang very softly to me. I remember her voice as she would gently reprimand us; in German, so the guests wouldn’t know that we had done something wrong. I remember how she would never – NEVER – say a harsh word about anyone and would make sure that no one was hungry or wanting in her presence. We never had much, but we were taught to share it all. Her heart was meant to help others, as that is what the Lord told her to do. And so she did, until the day she died. She was taken from us so very early; 42 years on this earth is not nearly enough time. I miss you, momma, every single day. Not just the big holidays where most people think you grieve the most, but on days like Tuesdays. As I put the kids in the bath and wish you were here to see their sweet faces and their eyes that look so much like yours. To all of you girls out there, those who might be mommas someday and to those who might not; take care of yourselves. Enjoy each moment, savor every experience and be sure to tell the ones you love exactly how much you love them every single day. If you feel so inclined this most special of holidays, please make a small donation to help fight the disease that has taken so many mommas.

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