Thursday, May 14, 2009

Urban Ava

TIPP CITY, OHIO - This beautiful sassy little thing is my friend, Ava. Urban Ava, to be specific. Her mama opened this darling little shop downtown and named it after her – who can blame her, she’s totally irresistible. I had the honor of meeting Ava’s mama, Kelley, a few years ago at a Vera Bradley event and we were immediately friends. She is such a compassionate and kind lady, and has really embraced this cause as her own. It’s hard for me to listen to her as she talks about it; she’s so moving it makes me cry. In her restaurant today, I had the honor of meeting many wonderful breast cancer warriors (including one wonderful gentleman, he’ll get his own post later) AND got to have a fun snack with my sweet Ava as well. Thank you, Kelley, for caring so much about those of us fighting this battle. I highly recommend you all visit Urban Ava’s store the next time you find yourself in Tipp City!

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Joanne said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you. Ron has such a heart for this cause and especially so because of being a man and having had breast cancer. We were at the Susan G. Koman walk in Columbus, standing on the sidewalk watching and a gal came up to me and my cousin in-law and gave us key chains for breast cancer and completely bypass Ron. He said, "Hey, I'm the one with the breast cancer!" It just isn't out there that men get it too. This is such a wonderful venue for sharing these types of experiences.