Monday, October 23, 2006

Hope By the Bay

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND - Hope By the Bay is the event that started it all! The seeds that started this event came when Donna Watson and the Fieldstone team came to the Vera Bradley Classic in Fort Wayne in June of 2006. They were so moved by what they saw, they decided to have an event of their own. Within the amazing time span of just a few months, Donna and the ‘Stones hosted a magnificent luncheon on the Chesapeake Bay. Their luncheon included an auction and keynote speakers Patricia Miller (Vera Bradley co-founder), Catherine Hill (Foundation Development Director) and Heidi Floyd – with a special appearance by the smallest survivor, Noah Floyd! Hope By the Bay will now be an annual event, although we can’t imagine how Donna and team will be able to top their initial event. To date, this has been the biggest fundraiser for the Foundation outside of Fort Wayne The most spectacular part: this occasion raised over $50,000 in one afternoon!

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