Monday, September 8, 2008

Getting fired up!

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - The average temperature it takes to fire ceramics in a kiln is just under 1600° F, did you know that? But let me tell you, it gets a whole lot hotter than that when you gather a group of professional ceramic studios together who want to help raise money for breast cancer research! The Contemporary Ceramic Studio Association adopted the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer as their charity for their annual convention, which was held in Phoenix over the weekend. They pulled together the most impressive auction I have ever witnessed with beautiful items like the clock in the picture. There are so many compassionate, wonderful people in the world of ceramics, and I am just so honored to call them my friends now! It is truly the rare event that I attend where we are simultaneously sharing stories of breast cancer, crying and then laughing until our sides ache. Exact numbers on how much money was raised are still coming in at this time, but we have been told that close to $30,000 was raised in just one evening. Simply amazing!!! So, I want everyone to go have a ‘Girls Night Out’ party at a paint your own pottery studio (make sure it’s a CCSA member!), and tell them how cool they are and thank them for supporting us!!! Find a location near you at or

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