Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not your typical party!

PRINCE FREDERICK, MARYLAND - Nothing was standard last evening, not one element. First, the hostesses (girls from The Lemon Drop What Not Shop) are amazing. Beautiful, fun, so full of excitement about their event, just great to be around. Second, the venue was unique to say the least. The party was held at an old barn in a wonderful historic setting (A naval battle during the Revolutionary War occurred on this property! I know, it made me happy too. Everyone who loves history, raise your hands!). Such an unusual spot for a breast cancer fund raising dinner to be sure. Finally, it was the party itself that completed the special night. There was a great band, amazing food, an actual vat of margaritas, and just wonderful people who came out in spite of the rain. And all the cowgirls just danced the night away.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jorgina and team for hosting this sweet and memorable evening. I can say with great confidence that I will probably never again speak to a group wearing red cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, but what fun it was!

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