Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walking in her shoes

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - Even before I started working with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, I did everything I could to help fund cancer research and services. For many years, I have met wonderful people who are on the same path. We walk, run, golf, dance, stand on floats, whatever it takes to make sure we can raise funds for a cure. My cancer friends are from every walk of life, every nationality, every race, every religion, you name it. Other than wanting to cure cancer, there is just one more thing that links them all; not one of them ever wants to have his/her picture taken. Ever. I have received great responses to my shoe posts, and so I came up with this idea. I will ask my dear ones to take pics of their favorite pink shoes, and I will do a blog post about who they are and what they do. I am proud to say that my sweet friend Lita will kick off this new idea.

Lita has been a friend of the Foundation for years. Her mom had parties in her state to raise money for us even before we thought about taking this nationwide. When the unthinkable happened and Lita’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, we had to do the ‘distance prayer chain’ and send her good wishes and presents through Lita’s trips home. What you see below are Lita’s feet. They are attached to one great lady, and I can tell you with unwavering certainty that she gets her goodness from her amazing mama (who by the way is just finishing up her treatments TODAY, yay!).

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