Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walking in her shoes

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - When my mom got cancer, there was a bit of a country music song that my dad would sing to her. It went, in part, like this ‘They say time takes its toll on a body, makes the young girl’s brown hair turn grey. But honey I don’t care, I’m not in love with your hair. If it all fell out, I’d love you anyway”. Hearing him sing that to her wasjust a part of what would be a continuing journey for my love of this particular genre of music. Recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting (via phone only, alas!) a wonderful country radio star named Lia. She and her Promotions Manager, Heather, are sweet, gracious, funny (really really funny - I get Heather’s emails, and I laugh out loud) and best of all, compassionate. Lia was so excited to hear about the research that the Vera Bradley Foundation is funding that she has invited me to be on the air a few times. She’s also putting a link on her website to our holiday hope campaign to get even more dollars to this life saving cause. Thank you, Lia and Heather, for sharing our passion and walking with us to find a cure!

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