Friday, February 6, 2009

Strength of heart

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - It’s wear ‘red day’ today – helps point out the fact that heart disease is a huge issue for women. I wanted to mention this for a few reasons; first and foremost; while finding a cure for breast cancer is my mission, there are other causes that need attention as well. The second reason is one you may not know about yet. When it was determined that I had to undergo some fairly rigorous chemotherapy sessions, the first thing they checked was my heart. Why? While my big brother stated it was ‘just to check to make sure you had one’, it was really to make sure that my heart was strong enough to handle the strain of those drugs. Certain types of chemotherapy are so intense, so truly toxic that they cause heart damage. If I am ever to go another round with that nasty cancer, I will have to use different medicines as I have already used the maximum amount allowed during one lifetime. So now I have heart flutters, weird palpitations, stuff like that. It stops me in my tracks every time I feel it – just waiting to make sure it stops acting that way. I think its important that we all look at the big picture when we consider donating to charities. Sometimes by curing one disease, you may actually help a small portion of people affected with another disease as well. I heart you all!

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