Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend

WARSAW, INDIANA - The company for whom I work, Vera Bradley, likes to be a 'Girl's Best Friend', and those of us that love them know they sure are! This weekend, I met a young lady who sets a beautiful example that we can all follow. When she was 11 years old she and her best friend did everything that 6th grade girls do. They hung out nearly every day, ran to each other's houses, etc. (They lived 27 seconds away from each other.) One day when her friend came to school, she was very upset; her mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. This was the first time she had encountered breast cancer, and they were both scared. At 11 years of age, all they knew was that it was extremely scary and dire. So for the next several months, she stayed by the side of her friend. She was there for her friend, and for her friends mom as much as anyone could be; comforting without knowing what this terrible disease really was. Now, years later, she still keeps in touch with this dear friend. Her friend's mom is in remission and is a strong survivor. This young lady is now a magnificent athlete and a beautiful ice dancer. She dedicated her time last weekend – in between tests for school, mind you – for a breast cancer event in Ohio. Thank you, Emily, for being such a compassionate and philanthropic person. You are the total personification of a ‘Girl's Best Friend’!

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