Friday, September 18, 2009

Love, art and Captain Underpants

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS - Hanging out with a big group of artists is an enviable thing to do, trust me. My days are never filled with color, talent and glitter – so when I get to go see my CCSA (Contemporary Ceramic Studios Association) family once a year, it is reason indeed to celebrate. I got to make a dress vase and a leaf frame and no one told me how terrible they looked. This is a group of people who own their own ceramic studios (you go in and paint the pottery yourself) and their hearts are made of solid gold. This year they had 2 members battling breast cancer, and they were treated with respect and love; the outpouring was staggering. They never ask what you can give them, just how much they can give to you. I attend events all year round, and all over the country – nothing matches this generosity. They know all about the VB Foundation, and are unabashed in their passion to find a cure. This year was no exception. See this beautiful clock? Handmade by Julie (that’s her that I’m squeezing in the pic), it raised $10,000 alone. I was the auctioneer this year and CLEARLY not a professional. Every time the prices went up in the stratosphere, I was screaming in the microphone “ohmygoshweareat $700!” like that. The clock bidding? I couldn’t even do that. I just stood on stage with Julia in mute awe, literally hands over my mouth. Not the act of a professional barker; but they knew I would be swooning and they still asked me anyway. I am totally absolved of all blame this time. The auction had items I adored (bid on a few, lost every bid) and some I had never even heard of. (An autographed copy of a book and matching platter of Captain Underpants. Really?) So I love these artists, their work is astonishing and their talent is second only to their generous nature. Thank you Richard, and all my CCSA family, for inviting me back. Thank you for helping me fight for so many with your dollars for cancer
research. I do love you all!

A wonderful store, Cafe Kiln, will be donating a percentage of their sales to the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation throughout the month of October!

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kstatecat97 said...


You are such a sweet lady! Thanks so much for you kind words! The bidding on the clock was really crazy! Who knew? I just love being able to do something to help battle a cause that had touched so many people I love. What the heck am I going to do to top that? Ideas are welcome! We just love having you as a part of convention. Oh, and just so you know, now that you're in the family there's no getting out! Take good care my friend!

Much love,
Julie Cates :O)