Monday, November 30, 2009

Beauty Marks

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Lovely couple, aren’t they? You should meet them in person. Jamie is not only beautiful, but fun, spunky, funny and just a joy to be around. She’s an attorney AND a great bowler. Rigo is a teacher and a coach, more importantly is a gentleman – looks at his wife like she hung the moon. They have a sweet little son named Blake, and his parents refer to him as a miracle. These are the kind of people I really love to be around; they are compassionate and kind, and you know just by meeting them you have been blessed. Why are they being featured on my blog? Because Jamie is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at age 27. That’s right, 27. She also just happened to be pregnant with Blake during her treatment as well. And after all of that, what does she say on her blog? “We have it all. Live is good.” How’s that for a good strong dose of inspiration? :)