Monday, May 17, 2010

Select * from life.time where text = “enough”

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - When executed, that query will return “never”, just so you know. No matter how you set your variables. I was thinking last week about how I don’t have enough time, and how interesting it might be for me to do a database query on my time. After thinking for about a nanosecond, of course, I realized that I never want to know that information. I would like to say that I will keep working on the valuable bits of my time, if possible. Enhance and expand the good stuff. I was with my children last Saturday and we waited in a pretty long line for balloons, for example. If you have kids, you know that those balloons will typically last about 2.3 minutes, or until you get to the car, whichever comes first. If you have an obsessive child, however, you know they last much longer.

Anyway, so we are waiting in this line and I kept thinking about the mounds (and by mounds I mean Easter Island statue sized mounds) of laundry waiting at home. Dinner has to be prepared, and I don’t even have the ingredients yet. What’s left of the vegetable and flowers we started from seed need to be planted. What’s left after the new puppy found them, I mean. He’s particularly fond of the ones that seem to be the best growers. Naturally. So my check list, my database of unaddressed items, if you will, runs through my head endlessly.

We inch to the front of the line, and the kids are within 6 feet of the man making the balloons. I know for a fact it is six feet, because I am gauging the distance and I know I would fit exactly; my frustration has now rendered me exhausted. Maybe I can take a quick snooze while the kids are outfitted with rubber-and-air renditions of swords, scabbards and flowers. While I eyeball the floor to see if it might be comfy enough for me to lay down on, I am interrupted by one of my daughters. She is so excited she is shaking, delighted with the expectation of a rubber flower. She is so happy that this is happening that she can’t even speak. She just comes over to me and takes both of her hands in mine, and just smiles. A big, happy, nothing else matters right now kind of smile.

So yep, I don’t have enough time. My house will never be clean enough, my plants will always need to be weeded, there will always be dinners unprepared. But I can promise you this, gentle readers, I will always and forever do my utmost to make sure those little balloon moments happen for my family. And then I will try to remember them, as they are so much more important.

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