Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pinking of Delta

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA - For the record, Delta Airlines is not a sponsor of the Vera Bradley Foundation. Just want to get that out of the way lest you think this is some odd product placement gimmick. :)

So October means I get to meet many, many (many!!!) wonderful people on the road. And, as a sad little counterpoint, leave some sweet little people behind at the same time. I am busy in October with speaking engagements, running all over trying to help get donations and sponsors across the nation.

This means I pick up the pace with my flying this time of year. I find myself most often on Delta flights, and this makes me kind of happy. I see a subtle way for their employees to show those of us that are patients and survivors that they care about us and are thinking about us.

I've found that everyone wearing a hint of pink at Delta will also very readily tell you why they are wearing it, too. From the fuchsia ties to the tidy little scarves - pilots, ticket agents, everyone is willing to take an extra minute and share the stories of their aunts, mamas, sisters, wives, even brothers.

I like this. I like that they don't jam it down your throat and force you to acknowledge or donate - it's simply a quiet and dignified statement as a tribute to someone in their lives that has been affected. I really enjoy the moments that they have shared with me, these Delta folks. I really like their big pink plane, although I've never gotten to ride in it (boooo!).

So thanks, big D, for pinking yourselves. Feel free to consider this an open invite to call me about sponsorship, too, honey. ;). (Seriously. (260) 438-8553. Or just look around. Odds are I'm sitting in one of your seats as you read this.)

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