Tuesday, December 7, 2010


MISSOURI HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – “No time limit shall be imposed on an individual for the receipt of a prosthetic or reconstructive surgery and it provides that if an individual changes his or her insurance, then coverage for such procedures must transfer to the new policy.”

The above is an excerpt from the SCS/SB Act from the great state of Missouri. While this may not seem like a big deal to anyone who hasn’t had to consider such a thing, to those of us currently in treatment for this very disease – it’s a whopper. The decision is huge for a patient, whether to reconstruct for appearance, self esteem or simply balance (literally!) or to postpone to see if a second diagnosis might be forthcoming.

Many women (and men) vacillate about this surgery, and in some places it could mean the difference between insurance covering that procedure or not. Research your policy very carefully so that you are aware of your potential time frame. (Here are some tips.) If you have an HR department that is compassionate about these topics, visit them to get their advice. They work with insurance companies frequently, so they might have more insight.

In the end, however, I salute Missouri. You have given the world Mark Twain and now this super-fantastic bill. Thanks!

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