Saturday, January 1, 2011


FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - Lynda recently started working for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. It’s not just a job to her, I’ve learned. She has had several people in her family affected by breast cancer - this year alone! In some cases, that is how things happen. Work becomes more than just work when your heart gets involved. This morning, the New York Times posted an article about Dr. Marisa Weiss. Dr. Weiss is a 51-year-old oncologist who just happens to be the founder of, an incredibly helpful website for those of us with a passion to find a cure. We’ve referred people to that website for quite some time now, and look forward to more of that via our various social media avenues (@followheidi on twitter; facebook; and this blog.

She has made the rare but meaningful transition from someone who really cared about this to someone who is now directly affected. Her passion now is to make sure that word is spread about getting mammograms. They aren’t perfect, she says, but they save lives. She says that her annual mammogram saved her life.

Huge kudos to the New York Times for putting out a breast cancer message outside the month of **gasp!!** October! And for reminding as many people as possible to take their health and their passion into their own hands. The sooner, the better.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

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