Thursday, March 24, 2011


ENGLAND - Little Ted Rice had a rash near his eye. He is only 4 years old, so his dad was worried. He didn’t have a fever, so his dad didn’t want to rush him to the hospital. Instead, he reached out to a friend of his – on facebook. He sent a quick photo, a close up of Little Ted's face. That doctor actually made a diagnosis of acute lymphocyte leukemia – on facebook.

Now this is obviously a rare situation. Few people are blessed enough to be able to have friends who are brilliant doctors with incredible knowledge. Few people use facebook for anything more than a bragging site. This exception, however, might just well become the norm, and soon. I was recently asked to take photos and send them to my own surgeon, several hours away. Had it been the serious situation my doctor had originally imagined, I would have had to immediately get myself down there for more surgery. Within moments of sending the photo, it was discovered that it wasn’t serious and I could wait until the following week’s checkup to make the drive down.

We are in an electronic, world, my friends. Change is happening – on facebook. I have an idea! Why don’t you consider making a life-saving donation today – on facebook. :)

Photo courtesy of Cascade News.

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What an amazing story! Maybe this is just the beginning of different forms of diagnosis.