Tuesday, March 1, 2011


ANYWHERE, USA - Someone sent me a link to a photo last night, and although I didn’t know one single person in the shot I knew immediately where it was taken. It’s not a iconic landmark or monument or anything like that; it was taken in an infusion center at an army hospital. Suddenly it was if I was standing right there, with the sounds, smells, images all around me. Infusion centers can do that to a person.

Please understand, these are not bad emotions. As a matter of fact, this photo made me quite happy. The nurses pictured, while they were not on duty when I spoke at this military base a few years ago, were smiling broadly and I know I’d love to meet them someday. Much like every other oncology nurse I know, they look just exactly like the kind of person you would want to hang around with if you had to sit somewhere confined in a chair for hours at a time. The walls looked exactly the same as when I had visited and met the staff and patients, the windows were streaming with the same bright sunshine as the day I came and hugged all of our military heros holding the hands of their loved ones with cancer.

It has been a singular honor and privilege for me to have spoken at some of our military hospitals and bases. It is also just as special for me when I go to civilian centers across the nation. It’s funny, I can’t tell you what I had for lunch today, but I know an infusion center when I see one, even if I haven’t been there for awhile. And in a good way, too. These are places of hope. Strength. Determination. Fortitude. Sometimes, humor and sass as well! If you are interested in seeing just how far we have come with therapy research, go visit an infusion center. Better yet, share some photos of your wonderful nurses in your center with us at foundation@verabradley.com and we'll share them on our facebook wall of honor.

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