Thursday, July 14, 2011


COLUMBUS, OHIO - If you saw her walking down the street, you would have NO IDEA that this little peanut could flip upside down and fly all around - all while on skates. You would say to yourself "Oh, what a sweet mommmy/daughter they are. Darling." And you would have no idea about her magic.

Or her mama's magic, and that's the big one. This little Miss N has a pretty remarkable mommy, and it's all tied to little Miss N. See, her mommy was told that she would probably never have children after her bout with breast cancer as a young woman. So N was a gift, a blessing. But what her mommy decided to do was a blessing to all of us.

She used her considerable talent as a skater, networker and most importantly, a fundraiser - to help all breast cancer patients. She funds research. Research that happens in a few hospitals, in a few states and with a few researchers. She is a wonder to behold. A true force of nature, the most passionate fundraiser I have ever been blessed to know. Every year she puts on a remarkable show called Skate for Hope and it is breathtaking. She handles hundreds of big-time Olympic stars, volunteers, teeny tiny skaters, requests, tantrums, tears, flight delays, costume changes and even flowers. She does it all for a good reason, and we all get to reap the benefits.

She does it so her darling little Miss N never has to worry about having the same disease as her mama. I love you, Carolyn, and your passionate heart. Thank you for helping all of us, by helping N.


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