Tuesday, August 9, 2011


TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI - Genie Alice is quite the gal. Quite. I read her story recently and wanted to make sure she got a spot on our blog. We are open to many types of discussions here on this little blog, not just breast cancer. This time I want to talk about Genie Alice.

A few months after marrying her true love, Nate, he started getting headaches, vision problems and neck pain. Stupid cancer. Grrrrr. But Nate is working hard for his recovery and sounds like he is quite a fighter. Brain surgery, rehab, you name it, and he’s overcome the challenges. Right by his side the whole time was Genie Alice. She says she just wants to "encourage others."

Well, my dear, you have encouraged me. I hope that you can be a beacon of light to those who find themselves in situations that are "different than our dreams" but still willing to keep going. Nate is blessed to have you; and we are so thankful you were willing to share your story with my friends at MD Anderson.


Genie Alice Causey said...

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate it and can't believe I just found it!

Heidi Floyd said...


I was so moved by your compassion, and more to the point- your incredible love. You inspire me, and I'm keeping you in my prayers! - heidi