Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Personal (a)

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - I meet cancer researchers, cancer patients, cancer research donors, cancer clinicians ... well, you get the point. Lots of people in the world of oncology, and all the time. I have found that two groups routinely say similar things about one another - the donors and the researchers. They both want to know about the people behind the check or inside the lab. It seems that many middle layers see them both, but rarely do researchers meet the donors. Particularly the donors who give amounts that aren't equivalent to the average car, for example.

What I've heard quite a bit is what the people are like. Are they funny, those researchers, or just serious and staring into test tubes all the time? Do they talk to each other or work alone? Do they dress perfectly like on TV?

I wanted to help shed a little light. The first blog for this is focused on the researchers. A little behind the scenes. And of course, since it's from my camera, we are choosing to look at the footwear choices of these brilliant people. You also get to see their refrigerator and the cartoons they have taped up around the place. Researchers are wonderful, and you will love to get a peek into their world.

Next up - the nationwide cancer donor. :)

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