Thursday, December 8, 2011


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -  This is Bryan. He’s just a regular fella, if your definition of "regular fella" includes "genius" in the description. He’s an oncologist and a researcher, a combination I have found to be life saving. Just speaking personally, of course.

He's a researcher at IU Simon Cancer Center and also works at the Vera Bradley Foundation Breast Cancer Research Laboratories. He’s made a pretty important discovery about neuropathy which could help countless cancer patients.  (neu*rop*a*thy – noun. Disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves. ) Older people and African-Americans seem to be most at risk for this development, which is often terrible and debilitating. Genetic biomarkers, for those of you that might not know, are the hot item in cancer research. HOT. Item. :)

I read this article with particular interest. I sit on the Grants Review Board of the American Cancer Society’s  Tumor Biology and Genomics division, so it fascinates me. I liked what it had to say, the potential for the future, the hope that is sandwiched between every line. I do have a favorite part of the article, however, the one that makes me smile the most.

I like that because Bryan is young. For the record, I know several of his patients personally and they refer to him as "adorable." But I digress. Bryan is young, gifted and already finding things that will help us old cancer patients get by. His potential is of a breathtaking scope; and allows us to dream of the biggest things he can accomplish. 

I want my children to know Bryan. To know him as the man that took care of business. That eliminated a big worry from their lives. Go go go, Dr. Schneider. We all love you, are proud of you and are honored to be among the many who help you with our funding. 

Photo: Courtesy of Indiana University Melven and Bren Simon Cancer Center

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