Thursday, December 1, 2011


MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -  Girls of every age need to do all they can to take care of their health.  Sounds like something we already know, right? Simple! Not quite so much. My friend Mary Ann at the Get In Touch Foundation realized that girls all over the planet are totally unaware of the importance of health matters, up to and including breast health. They are almost completely unaware of how to do a self breast exam, although we constantly tell them to do these exams. Talk about a confusing message!

So Mary Ann Daisy Wheel © to show everyone how to do this easy thing. This simple, friendly and totally non-offensive tool is now in the hands of countless young women. Across the entire world, nonetheless! There are nations that have tricky requirements about what can and can’t be mailed, but her new smartphone app has been downloaded in 50 countries so far. Imagine that reach, what an incredible success! 

Just one girl ... imagine if Mary Ann, in her breast cancer journey, was able to reach out to one girl on the other side of the world and give her a fighting chance by finding her disease early enough. Being instrumental in saving the life of another person is the most noble thing, and now Mary Ann can say she’s done that in at least 50 countries. 

Add her to your ‘wicked cool hero’ list today, please.


Christina said...

The Daisy Wheel© has reached girls in 47 US States and 19 countries around the world, and the iPhone/iPad app has been downloaded in 51 countries. The Get In Touch Foundation is thrilled to have distributed over 100,000 Daisy Wheels© to date, but we won't rest until they're in the hands of every girl across the world!

Heidi Floyd said...

Christina, it is an honor for me to spread the word about this incredible mission! :) - heidi