Tuesday, February 14, 2012


CAIRO, EGYPT -  Oh my goodness, I thought I was old. (Ha!). Scientists have found a mummy in Egypt that has evidence of cancer. He is 2,200 years old!!! This puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it? 

One of the questions I’m asked quite frequently is "Where ARE we in cancer research – why don’t we have a cure yet?" I find this question baffling, but mostly because I’m not a researcher. That’s like asking Ronald McDonald why the fries take so long to cook; he’s just the guy out front with the funny shoes. He can’t possibly answer such a tricky question!

My answer comes from one of my brilliant docs, and I use it constantly. (Tip: always turn to your genius friends if you need answers. Don’t pretend to know something you don’t come close to understanding.:) He says that this disease has been with us for millennia. Only in the past few decades have we actually found a way to begin the battle.

Chemotherapy didn’t even exist until the 1940’s, did you know that? And the two guys who started it actually worked for the Department of Defense – working on chemical warfare! You never know where the answers for treatment will arise, how it will help, or how long it might take. I suspect that the same answer works for "the cure". All I know is that in the history of all human existence, I am grateful for the last 70+ years of advancements in treatment and research. It’s because of those advancements that I am here to write this little bloggie blog. 

Go go cancer research!

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