Thursday, February 2, 2012


INDIANAPOLIS - In just a few days, there will be a really big football game happening here in Indy. Big people will come and have big parties, and the whole state is welcoming our visitors with big, open arms. What a tremendous opportunity for all of us!

The best part is that the people organizing the big stuff are also focusing on some small stuff. Small like little bitty cancer cells, to be specific.

This is my sweet friend, Clare. She's in the midst of her cancer treatment, but is just as strong and pretty as ever. Clare is one of many cancer patients here in Indiana. One of our group that owes so much to our wonderful doctors. Our researchers. Our donors.

Clare - and the rest of us in this crazy cancer world - are so thankful that the Indianapolis Colts, the NFL, the NY Giants, the New England Patriots and the entire Super Bowl committee have stopped to remember us in the midst of their work. They have decided that they are not too busy to help others.

To me, that defines Super.

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