Thursday, September 11, 2008

Celebrating survivors

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS - A year ago, the owner of Vignettes asked a friend if she would make a quilt for her upcoming event to raise money for the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. “Yes," she said, "of course I will. I haven’t been touched by breast cancer in my family, but I would love to help.” So she made a beautiful quilt, one that raised over $1,000 in the auction last year at Vignettes. The morning she was to deliver the quilt to the store, she was diagnosed with cancer. Today, one year later, she came back to the store for the second annual event. She had just completed her treatments this afternoon. I have kept her name off for anonymity, but this is a thank you for her.

To all of you who are survivors, to all of you just now calling yourself a survivor, and to those just beginning this journey, please know we do this for you. Every day, we do our best to raise funds for breast cancer research so that we will have fewer members in ‘team survivor’.

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