Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delta, Delta, Delta!

Be sure to tune into (or Tivo!) the Late Show with David Letterman tonight to watch top-selling Australian musical artist Delta Goodrem perform her hit single "In This Life." This 23-year-old is amazing and she'll be singing at the Foundation's Tickled Pink event next week!

Her debut album in the U.S., Delta, topped the charts when it came out in July. There's a beautiful song on it called "Possessionless" that talks of how chemotherapy taught her what¹s important in life. (She was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2003.) She's done a lot to help raise funds and awareness for cancer research. (Not only is she a survivor, her mom and aunt are, too.)

I'll be back home in time for Tickled Pink and am so excited to meet her! Watch Delta tonight and let me know what you think.


Miss Jahan said...

WOW... im absolutely gobsmacked!!

Im loving this talented and beautiful singer Delta Goodrem!

Delta is just sooo amazing and such a role model and is an inspiration!

Its amazing how she can share her life journey with us and help others dealing with cancer at the same time and raise awareness via her charity work!

Shes so wonderful, loving and caring!

She sure does bring joy and happiness through her music!

I really cant wait to see more of Delta Goodrem... wow.. shes a shining star :-)

God Bless!
luv Jahan xx

heidi said...

thanks for reading, Jahan. Do you think you might be able to come to tickled pink? i would love to meet you!!

-- heidi

Anonymous said...

Go Delta!!! She is so great, and so pretty. Everybody go and request her and buy her album!!

Miss Jahan said...

Hey Heidi, unfortunately i wont be able to make it due to personal reasons, but i wouldve loved to have come!

You will have an amazing time, especially with having Delta Goodrem singing at this great event... *faints* haha

I cant wait to read the blog when you write about it! Im so looking forward to it!

Make sure you say Hi to Delta from me and all her other fans out there! We adore her so much... shes doing a wonderful job trying to help others! shes got a heart of gold! bless her!

Enjoy your coming week Heidi and i shall blog with you soon! haha and make sure you spread the word about Delta :-)

take care xx

Miss Jahan said...

Heidi, how did it go? did you get to meet Delta??

Please let me know what you thought!

love and light
Jahan xx

heidi said...

Hi Jahan,

I met her, and she is just what you would thing. Beautiful and perfect, what a blessing she was to have at this event. She made the whole evening spectacular. I love her, too!


Miss Jahan said...

yay! im soooo glad you got to meet her!

i told you, you would love her too! haha

she is beautiful and perfect!

im soo happy that we have someone who is as passionate as she is.. especially with the whole cancer topic!

thanks soo much for sharing and i cant wait to read more blogs from you!

take care xx