Thursday, September 25, 2008

Up the creek!

Two stores, two towns, one fun set of owners (and crew!). Michael and Alex have two locations of their store Steger Creek, which is named after a lovely creek on Michael’s family’s historic property here in Virginia. There are commissioned paintings of the property hanging in both stores - it’s like looking at the backyard of heaven, really! The events held at the two stores were very successful. Light lunches were served from several different locations in town. Local cancer centers were there to answer any and all questions, which was such a great idea.

Steger Creek in Roanoke

Steger Creek in Forest

At both stores, the containers for the prize drawings were so full, they had to dump the entries into a big Vera Bradley Miller bag to pull the winners names! The prizes were all so beautiful, too. There were several HUGE gift baskets from the Barefoot Contessa and there was an amazing floor-length evening gown from the Columns, a local dress shop.

The Blue Ballgown

Alex has promised me that she will go to Vera Bradley’s Spring 2009 Premiere event in Orlando next month. So if you see here there, I would encourage all of you to ask her about this amazing event (and give her a big hug, she likes that kinda thing).

Alex & Michael and Me at the Roanoke location

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