Friday, September 12, 2008

Friends new and old

DEER PARK, ILLINOIS – The Vera Bradley at Deer Park Town Center store held a wonderful event for the Foundation. The staff, which includes an 11-year breast cancer survivor, did a lovely job organizing it. We were joined by people who have been friends of Vera Bradley for quite some time and some who have just been recently introduced to us. One lovely group of ladies came to us by way of a recently posted event, ‘Skate for Hope’. One of their family members participated in Skate for Hope, and after I spoke with him he allowed me to invite his mom, grandma and sisters to our event since they happen to live in the area. We were also joined by some dear friends from the Chicago Merchandise Mart. What an honor to have these friends with us tonight.

Rockne Brubaker's Sweet Family & Me

Chicago Merchandise Mart Friends

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