Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a little insight from the road

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - This is what I see while we are driving along on our quest. Isn’t Virginia breathtaking?

This is Donna Watson, queen of the road. She is coming along with me along the whole Hope Trail and I totally love her. She is just as passionate about this Foundation and finding a cure as I am; more about her later, though. She deserves a whole entry on her own, and will get it!

This is Donna’s car. The front magnet flew off. It wasn’t strong enough. Drat!

These are the shoes I wear, a lot. Aren't they cute? Please keep your eyes open and let me know when you see more pink shoes because these are wearing out. I'm a size 8.5 – no cracks about big feet in the comments section, please!

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