Friday, September 26, 2008

Shoes soothe the soul

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA - We are rapidly closing in on the end of the Hope Trail. We had quite a long trip, but nothing makes a girl happier than a shoe store. (Especially a nice big one with great brands and sale tags!:) They also carry bags and accessories, and the Vera Bradley section at Saxon Shoes is also quite impressive, a sight to behold really.

In spite of an all-day rainstorm, people still came to the event. One sweet little peanut stopped by to give me a donation: $0.12. It’s what she had left after buying her new shoes she said. I offered her a cookie and she didn’t take it, instead she just wanted a tiny tomato! As I explained when I was speaking to the group, she is who we are here for. We do what we do for that little girl and all of our little girls. It’s all about them and their cancer-free futures. May she enjoy her tomatoes during her long, long healthy life!

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