Friday, February 20, 2009

Last act

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - You know you have a short time to live; you know this because you have the wisdom, the history, the years spent trying to cure the very disease which has now taken hold of you. Decades of being an oncologist and researcher allow you the insight to know all the signs. What do you do with this information if you have it? Would you call a dear friend to help prepare your memorial service? Your first day in hospice care, would you order Valentine’s gifts for your sweetie to make sure she got them even if you weren’t there? Dr. Stephen Williams, oncologist, spent his last days like he has spent so many days before that: thinking of and caring for others. The items he purchased? Vera Bradley bags in Hope Garden – bags that give a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer. Thoughtful, even with his choice of gifts. We will miss you, Dr. Williams. Thank you for all you have done for cancer patients. And thank you, too, Mrs. Williams, for sharing this story with us – and for sharing your sweetie with so many.

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