Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Pink-ing of Warsaw, Part 1

WARSAW, INDIANA - The day started pretty early for the ladies of Tri-Kappa. They had worked so hard for this day, and their efforts were apparent. I had never played bingo before – not unless you count camp as a kid. This event was a well-oiled pink machine and it was (from the outside observer) flawless! Entire tables of women would gasp in anticipation as they almost…almost…almost got the winning number. Rose was doing the calling and it was a riot. She was loud and clear, but funny and sweet as well (she’s a school teacher, I’m not surprised). Thank you, Dana, for introducing me to this fun group of women. And thank you, Tri-Kappa for putting your hearts and souls into this great fundraiser.Your donation to the Vera Bradley Foundation is much appreciated!

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