Thursday, April 9, 2009

Touching Picasso

ROANOKE, INDIANA - It’s a great representation for the world of breast cancer, really. The fact that someone like myself can put her finger out and touch a Picasso (honest-to-goodness!) is something that amazes me. There is a new art gallery opening in Roanoke that will be called 'The Red Chair Gallery,' and they decided to host a few introductory art exhibits and sales, a portion of which will benefit the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. That is how it came to be that someone like myself, who usually enjoys her art in museums or in books I read to my children, is able to stand close to and actually touch this beautiful selection. It’s a good time to reflect and realize, however, that cancer touches everyone. It doesn’t care about your taste in art, your financial status, your race or religion. Sadly, it’s in the lives of everyone, including the generous man who runs the Red Chair Gallery – who lost his mother to breast cancer. A great big thank you to this great gallery for helping so many with this magnanimous donation. By the way, my friend Mike actually purchased this Picasso. I told him it would be a fantastic birthday present for me this year; he whacked me with his napkin. Drat. :)

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