Thursday, April 2, 2009

Worth the fight

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - When he finally arrived, both he and I were so sick we couldn’t stay with each other. He went off to the neo-natal intensive care unit and I stayed alone in the maternity ward. Neither of us had hair, neither of us had immune systems that were worth much, neither of us had very much energy. We had gone through months and months of chemotherapy, scans, surgeries, pokes and prods that seemed to never end. I am here today, dear friends, to tell you that every moment – every single one – was worth the fight. Happy 4th birthday, sweet little warrior! Love, Mommy.


Shelley said...

He is adorable and definitely worth the fight!

Happy Birthday Noah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi: You touch my heart. All the best to you and your beautiful Noah.

Cindush said...

Heidi, we met at the CCSA convention in Phoenix, you probably don't remember me but I'm the one who got the teapot! I hope Sam got you another one, eventually!

Let me tell you that your story still touches my heart and I'm sure your little boy is even more beautiful today! Mazal Tov on four years and as we say here, on birthdays, "til 100 like 20".

Hope you'll be back with us in September!