Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't let the parade pass you by

AUBURN, IN - We went to a fantastic performance of "Hello Dolly" at a local middle school on Friday. The lead was so wonderful I am sure we will all hear about her on Broadway one day! Her performance in “Parade Pass You By” really made me give pause. The scene is a woman who is reviewing her life and wants to do as much as possible before her life passes her by. I was dragged back to the moment only briefly when my 6-year-old, ever literal, said ‘Hey mom, she’s too late. There goes the parade.'

Everyone I know who has been handed a cancer diagnosis has created a bucket list – a wish list of their parade items. Where to go, what to do, whom to meet. Someday I will publish mine here for you, but right now I just want to point out that we all need a boost sometimes. A boost, a friend, a faith that will take us to the point that we acknowledge that we will have something to look forward to.

No one knows how much time we have, but we should try to focus on the good we can do with that time. Is your bucket list a selfish one, can you make a change for the better with the things you really want to accomplish? Here is what keeps it all in perspective for me. I have been corresponding with a woman who’s son has cancer; he’s 17 years old. And another woman who is about to give birth to her son – they’ve been going through chemotherapy together (pregnant with breast cancer, sound familiar? ☺). These are people who are really concerned about their children missing their personal parade. Every time I chat with them, I take another look at that list and remove a selfish dream with one that might actually do some good.

I hope you all find a great charity that you won't let pass you by in the parade! (If you can’t think of one of the top of your head, just visit until you can pin one down.)

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