Friday, March 6, 2009

PJ Party, Part II

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - Well, we did it. We gathered together in a hotel in Indianapolis to celebrate, cry, dance and eat a great deal of chocolate - all while we wore our PJ’s. This image is just the survivors in the crowd, a feisty crew. This event was a fundraiser for IWIN – a breast cancer service provider. Let me just list a few things that patients might need that you might not have never even thought about:

Walk the dog. Sometimes, you are too tired from chemo to get up and go for a walk.
Mow the lawn. See above.
Babysit their children. They might not need a day out, just a day of rest and know their precious little ones are in good hands.
Buy a gas card. Do you know what it costs to have breast cancer treatments – even with insurance?
Treat them to a photo session. No, its not our most photogenic time, but we are realists. We don’t know how much time we might have left, wouldn’t this be a great gift for our loved ones?
Put some flower pots on their porch. Then maintain them! Will take a few minutes a week for you, but will help them daily.

These are just a few of the things I know I needed and a few of them were gifted to me by my sweet friends and co-workers at Vera Bradley. Now that IWIN is located all over Indiana, I can recommend their services to every patient that calls me from this state. Thank you, Nancy and team, for doing this amazing work. Now you, gentle reader, know what to do if you want to help someone and can’t necessarily donate monetarily. Get out there and help make a change!

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Fort Wayne Realtor Jared Christiansen said...

Celebrate, dance, cry and eat chocolate? That sounds awesome! :)