Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Absorbing the Costs

WARSAW, INDIANA - There are a great many conversations in my life lately about money; some are quite disconcerting, some are mundane, some are hopeful. Terms like ‘return on investment’ and ‘cost/benefit analysis’ are being bandied about with great regularity. Now to most of you, this is probably commonplace and not even worth mentioning. But just this weekend I met a fellow cancer survivor who told me it took her close to 8 years to get to the point that she was able to go through a whole day without thinking she would die by tomorrow. That’s kind of huge; financial planning for me - someone who isn’t sure if she will live to see 43 - is kind of a joke. I haven’t even crossed that magic ‘5 year no more cancer’ magic line yet! I told my friend Elaine (we are in a financial planning class together) my fear is that I will work hard to save up and pay off all the medical bills, and then die. My husband will then marry a 24 year old and go to a spectacular tour of historic Italy on the money I saved. Her response? “What will you care, you will be dead!”. That’s why I love her so – she’s just absolutely and totally honest. Which I need sometimes. So last night after I washed off the day’s monetary disappointments, I looked through some photos that I had taken this past weekend. I found one of my sweet daughter, and it all just sank in. I try so hard to make sure that my kids see every beautiful thing – flowers, sunsets, butterflies, babies, puppies, anything that you can find that has beauty. I just want to make sure that this beautiful little girl realizes the importance of her life. That it is not measured by how much of a return you get on your investment, but how much you enjoy every.single.moment – that’s the best thing. I think my heart can probably absorb the cost for that kind of thing.


calislug said...

Great post!
As a young adult cancer survivor, I too have those worries about the future. But at age 33, they are more related to laying a foundation for a life that I'm not sure I'll be around for. Then again, no one is ever sure how long they have, cancer or not. So my family and I make it a point to cherish every moment that we have and make great memories!

Kimman's Co. said...

Timely comments Heidi. As we prepare for your visit to York PA, I am the one who is focused on the financial success of our event. Yesterday one of our partners in the event reminded me that we are already a success. We have women attending who are looking forward to a break from treatment, women who want to hear your story of inspiration and women who are coming to support their friends. She let me know that the details happen, so I need to focus on the women instead. Good lesson!