Tuesday, July 28, 2009


PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK - General Trading Company decided to host a breast cancer event and send a portion of the proceeds to the Vera Bradley Foundation, yay! I was there and got to meet and great all the fun customers. One lady approached me with a very unusual question. “Will I take ANY donation?” she asked. “You betcha” was my immediate reply. You need to know a little background; I get this all the time. People seem to be saddened by the fact that some organizations are limiting participation or even donations if they do not meet or exceed a certain size. In most cases, they just have to limit donations to help cover administrative costs. Our philosophy, however, has always been that the only way we can find a cure is if we all work together. That means, in some cases, pooling many donations to make one big impact. To me, all donors are the same in my heart. They all have reason for giving, a connection with loss or struggle against a common enemy. If you give me $.12, $12,000, hotel points, airline miles – you name it – you are all embedded in my soul. So yes, to my friend who wanted to see if I wanted to take a roll of coins back to the VBF home office, YES we will and yes we do want any donation. More importantly, we want to know about you and why you are giving these coins.


mountainbikingmama said...

Love this Heidi-- and it's so neat that you linked back to earlier stories. Thanks for all you do :)

mountainbikingmama said...

I love this message Heidi and I love that you linked back to earlier related posts. Thanks for all you do!