Monday, November 9, 2009

Irene & Co. Event, Version 2.0

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA - While tactfully avoiding any references to Andrew Jackson's march to New Orleans through this wonderful place, I would like to share with you how very cool Panama City is (especially from a historic nature). It was a refuge for runaway slaves and native Americans, it was a paradise for exploring conquistadors; really, it’s just a spot people have liked to visit for a long, long time. Irene & Co., a Vera Bradley retailer, has not been around quite as long as the conquistadors, but is nonetheless a well established favorite of locals and visitors alike. Irene and her husband Ron already did an event for the Foundation this year, but when they heard I’d been invited to speak at another retailer in the area, they decided to do another one a few weeks ago! It was a lovely evening, and I got to spend some time visiting with Donna Bell, a wonderful news anchor who’s heart is very much into the mission of finding a cure. Love her, love the whole crew. I recommend Panama City – even if you are just passing through, be sure to stop at Irene’s and say thanks for caring so much about breast cancer survivors!

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