Wednesday, November 11, 2009


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - I am not a dangler. I am not even close. But I know one when I see one, and in my opinion, my favorite team has quite a few. I’ve loved the Blackhawks for decades; so much so that when they didn’t televise the home games in Chicago (don’t ask), I used to listen on the radio. My teenage daughter Alexandra’s first word was “Krivokrasov”, and my youngest daughter, Isabella, sleeps with a practice puck under her pillow. We don’t even have a rink where we live now, but they love it through my enthusiasm. So last season, while I was ‘watching’ a game on twitter (couldn’t get the game at the hotel), I connected with a few great fans and we all started chatting. Then I connected with a great lady at the home office who told me that the players’ wives sell autographed pink (gasp!) pucks during Hockey Fights Cancer night (October 24) and they had chosen the Vera Bradley Foundation to be the recipient. It isn’t often that I am told about an event that makes me pull the car over to cry with joy, but this one sure did. This is a FANTASTIC team that has really make incredible strides in reaching out to their community and to charities as a whole. Thank you, Ashley and Pat for making this happen. Thank you, NHL, for caring enough about fighting cancer to create this amazing event. And Mr. Patrick Kane, if you happen to read this, that teenage girl who knows about Krivokrasov thinks you are heaven on ice. You have my permission to friend her on facebook. :)

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