Monday, November 23, 2009

Moms of the Pink Power Variety

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - There were 9 of us in total, all of us mommies who have been through breast cancer. Three of us were pregnant during that journey, which is kinda daunting. One of the mommies is having a rough go with her radiation, so she couldn’t even join us for the party. :( The common thread, other than the cancer thing? We are all pretty fierce about finding a cure. We all work – hard, and daily – to do what we can to find a cure or to help other women who are going through treatment. At no time during the weekend did I hear anyone complain about a having too small of an office or not being able to climb the corporate ladder. At some point in maturity (staring death in the face helps with this, too) you realize that if you pursue things like that, you are chasing empty dreams. These girls? They know what matters. Amy realized that there was no one to watch the children of chemo patients, so she created a safe, special kids-only waiting room for them while mommy gets treatment. Tracie is in the services business – her non-profit ( helps connect patients and provide things like hot meals for their families. Jamie is… well… she’s getting her own blog post because I can’t express her cool factor on just one post. We were all connected and treated to an amazing getaway by the Kids ll company. And this company is the rare kind that I will say simply: if you ever are offered a job to be with them, take it. I don’t care how far you have to move your family, or what position you are offered, go. Their compassion is felt from the very top and runs throughout all the employees. They started a line of baby products that donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer to ‘give baby girls a brighter tomorrow.' Thank you, Bright Starts, for donating to our charities. Thank you, Sarah, for making it all happen! The next time you have a baby shower to go to, please buy Kids ll products. And be sure to explain to the new mommy that the gift you are giving actually has a deeper impact. For all of us!

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