Friday, November 20, 2009


COLUMBUS, OHIO - I never met Stefanie Spielman, nor have I met her husband, Chris. She died yesterday at age 42 from breast cancer, leaving Chris and 4 young children; Madison, Noah, Macy and Audrey. Please keep them in your prayers. While I don’t know them, I do know a friend of theirs – and I know their story. If you don’t, I’d like to take just a moment and share it with you. They were college sweethearts, Chris the All-American football linebacker and Stefanie the love of his life. She was 30 and pregnant when she found the lump during a self-exam, sadly this isn’t such a surprise anymore is it? Stefanie later found out the tumor was malignant and also miscarried. To hear of someone so young being diagnosed; I fear we are almost numb to these statistics. She said once "I know there's a reason God gave me breast cancer, and I'm supposed to do something with it." Chris quit his job with the NFL to be by her side during her journey. He shaved his head when she started chemo. This type of quiet valor is almost completely inconceivable. I often see husbands who are supportive and kind, but I am sad to tell you I also see husbands who are not either of those things. Chris seems to be exemplary in this position - and the second man I’ve met or heard of this year in the NFL who were just wonderful when their wives went through breast cancer. Makes me look at football in a whole new light, let me tell you that! Chris gave up so much to be near Stefanie when she needed him most, but I would guess if you asked him today he wouldn’t even have to tell you it was worth it. I’m fairly certain you could see it in his eyes.

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