Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seeking Your Frill

Me, Heidi and friends at the Frill Seekers Party, October 8

SANDESTIN, FLORIDA - Yes, I know I look a fright. It’s hot down there in the panhandle of Florida, give me a break. :) But look how cute everyone else is in that picture, can you even stand it? Heidi (no, not me, the one next to me with the great hat) just lost her mother-in-law to breast cancer in the middle of planning this event for the Foundation. It was so poignant to hear her give a tribute to the lady who had just lost her battle. It was a fun auction and a great lunch, really rather impressive for a new Vera Bradley retailer to jump in so passionately for the cause with so much on her pretty pink plate. But she did and I love her for it! Thank you, Heidi and Peyton, for such a wonderful day. I hope yours is the last and only event in which someone faints while I am speaking. Yikes!!!

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heidi at frill seekers gifts ~ tales by the sea said...

{{giggles}} your speech was really moving Heidi---but the fainting was completely a surprise. i knew your testimony was moving...

anyway...the entire FRILL SEEKER gang was "frilled" that you joined us down south for our event. we are already planning our next one.

you are precious...a rare jewel in the Vera Bradley crown.

hugs. heidi (the other one!)
{{more giggles}}