Friday, October 23, 2009

In Her Shoes

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - This pic is a little blurry, but isn’t that just like life sometimes, anyway? So awhile ago I introduced you to Jen. She went for her first mammogram, to get a baseline. Good move, smart decision, you should all do likewise. :) Jen gets a call "Can you please come in? We" No one wants that call, no one wants that sinking-to-the-pit-of-your-stomach feeling, but she got it. She texted me right away and I said "Ok, when and where is the next appointment? I'm coming with you." We went, and she's fine (thank you, God). But really, just going and hanging out with someone at a scary part of their lives is sometimes just enough to help. In the end, as always, Jen ended up giving me more comfort than I was giving to her! I love that sometimes when you go to help someone, you get helped right back in return.

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prssnprss said...

What a good friend you are! I wish I had someone with me when I went back and got some not-so-good news.