Monday, May 3, 2010


PLANET EARTH, 2010 - NED, he’s the guy. He’s the one that every cancer patient longs to dance with, to have near them – quite frankly, we want him to stalk us. NED is the name we want to hear the second after we hear the oncologist say ‘Yep, it’s cancer, all right!'

His name is whispered among fellow patients as if he’s the dreamiest man you’ve ever seen – hence the photo above. Suave, cool, calm, witty and debonair. Just everything you want in a life partner. We patients think of him at 2 am when we can’t sleep, and we pray that someday he will come to visit us. When our friends tell us of yet another PET scan or MRI, we stop what we are doing and say ‘Please, God, let her see NED this time.'

Oh, NED. I better meet you face to face this August. If I don’t see you there, you handsome devil, I will track you down and find you. You will be with me, sir, better believe it.

NED. To those of you blessed enough to be totally unfamiliar, goes by the given name of ‘NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE.'

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